X-Mini Capsule Speaker

by Bea March 22nd, 2012 | Audio
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The X-Mini Capsule Speakers are a fun set of portable speakers that churn out a ton of noise for their size! This set of speakers has a bumping bass that you will be able to notice and guess what? They managed to put it in a speaker that can fit in the palm of your hand!

Some portable speakers just move the sound from your computer to the speakers, but do not actually really increase the volume and often result in noise distortion. If you have to provide some sort of power to your speakers, they are probably actually speakers that enhance the sound rather than just distribute it. While the sound is better from those speakers, they are often too large or not convenient. These mini speakers boast about their Bass Xpansion System and its superior bass performance. These speakers are portable and rechargeable via USB, so that might make you happy! They say that the X-Mini Capsule Speaker II can get up to 8+ hours of battery life on a full charge! That’s great! The X-Mini Capsule Speaker I does not last as long on a charge (3 hours); however, it has been said that the original X-Mini Capsule seems to be built with better quality and is more robust than the new ones.

One of the features that I really liked about these speakers is that they had the ability to be hooked up together! I am not sure how much that actually does for the sound, but it seems like a fun thing to do! It uses a 3.5 mm audio jack so the majority of electronics should be compatible with these speakers.

The X-Mini Capsule Speaker is very small and lightweight. Actual specifications:

  • Dimension:60 mm×44mm
  • Net Weight:83gSpeaker:Magnetically Shielded 40mm (4Ω)
  • Loudspeaker Output:2.5W
  • Frequency Response:100Hz – 20kHz
  • Signal-to-Noise:≥80dB
  • Distortion:≤1.0%
  • Playback Time:Up to 12 hours
  • Battery Capacity:400mAh
  • Battery Charging Voltage:5V
  • Battery Charge Time:Minimum of 2.5 hours

The best part about these speakers is that they come in all sorts of fun colors like purple, blue, orange, green, etc. There are a lot of audio options out there if you are looking for a set of speakers. My advice is to talk to people and see what they say. Figure out what your needs are and go from there. Maybe they are a good fit for the X-Mini Capsule Speaker!

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