What Does a Copyright Alert Look Like?

by Scott Lindemann February 28th, 2013 | Latest News
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emailNot long after our bit this past Monday on the Copyright Alert System, we have our first glimpse at what an actual Copyright Alert notice looks like.

Ars Technica has the story on what these notices look like. Apparently, if you’re a Comcast subscriber, the emails are sent to the Comcast email address associated with your Internet account. Didn’t know you had a Comcast email address? You’re not the only one. Most people I’ve talked to have said they don’t even know what their Comcast email address is, or even what the password might be, but regardless of whether you want it or not, it’s there as soon as you set up your Comcast Internet account.

The article makes mention of the fair use doctrine—something I hadn’t even considered in all of this, and it’s an interesting point. If you’re downloading of a copyrighted work falls under the umbrella of fair use it’s not necessarily copyright infringement, but to the monitoring system, it would all look the same.

I have a feeling these alerts are going to cause a bit of a stir.

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