Waiting for Wii U? Or Simply Waiting for Wii?

by Jessica B. April 12th, 2012 | Gadgets
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It has been almost a year since Nintendo announced they would be launching their new gaming console Wii U. And while they are still, reportedly, on target for an end of 2012 release date, there is not too much of a buzz building around the new console. Since the announcement was made, many have been expecting a drop in price for the current console, and while the price has dropped some, many may be waiting for a more optimal time to buy.

What does the Wii U mean for gamers? The main marketing point behind the Wii U thus far is that it should appeal to more serious gamers rather than the casual gamer market that many complained it was targeted towards. The hope with Wii U is that it takes the gaming market to the next level, rather than compete with existing consoles like the Playstation 3 or Xbox.

For casual gamers, like myself, I admit the hope remains that much of the Wii equipment comes down in price. As someone who has a console as a hobby or form of entertainment for houseguests, I don’t want to spend close to $50 per game; I prefer to spend closer to $20.

Wii disappointment – I know one of the biggest issues I have had since buying my Wii is a lack of games that remain interesting over time. Sure playing tennis or racing cars is fun, and playing air guitar after a few beers can be decent entertainment, but beyond that, the selection of games has been mediocre at best. Could it be the limitations of the system? Or a lack of creativity and investment – too much of a focus on the future and not on the current system? Games like Job Island and Babysitter, where you compete in mundane tasks, are good for a laugh, as in – can you believe that is a game? But not something I want to play on a regular basis.

While I have hopes that since Wii U is aiming at a more gamer audience there might be better games to choose from, I am hesitant towards investing more money in a machine I use now and then. As I am disappointed in the Wii, I cannot see myself running out to buy a new Nintendo machine.

As someone who has bought several accessories, like Wii Fit and Guitar Hero, and then found these objects aren’t compatible with much else and mostly sit around and collect dust, I don’t think I will be running out to buy more stuff.

Wii was a great experiment, but if Nintendo had worked a bit harder to continue selling quality games to those casual gamers who bought the system, they might find more success with their new products. And even with their old.

My advice? If you haven’t bought a Wii yet, are a casual gamer, and a bit interested, wait until the launch of the Wii U, and then grab as much cheap Wii stuff as possible. It isn’t really worth full price.

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