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by Mackenzie M. December 4th, 2012 | Apps
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Spotify has been briefly featured on this site before, but it deserves another look. Spotify made a splash around Europe only a few years ago, and debuted in the United States in 2011. Spotify is installed on the computer, and it then gives free access to nearly every song in existence. It is basically a music collection at the tip of your fingers. All songs are played live; they do not require a download. Millions of tracks are featured, and they can be added into personalized playlists or shared with friends. For a social networking component, Spotify can be linked to your personal Facebook account, plus share live updates as to what you are listening to with your friends. Spotify hosts a main app for smart phones, and several additional apps that are absolutely fantastic.

The main Spotify app can easily be purchased for any kind of smart phone. Installation is a snap. As soon as the user logs in, millions of songs become available anywhere, anytime to the smart phone user. While it can be great to search for appropriate songs at parties, or listen to some music while walking, my favorite feature of the Spotify app is that it can be used while driving. Simply plug the phone into the aux jack of the car’s stereo system, and you can listen to all of your favorite songs on the go. If a song pops into your head, just use the search feature to pull it up instantly. While the Spotify ‘Premium’ level account is $10 per month, it is absolutely worth it to hear all of the songs while on the go and to have access to a nearly limitless music library.

Spotify also suggests other music-related apps for your personal Spotify page. These apps can be selected based on your listening habits or genres. For example, if you are looking for amazing music tips or suggestions, download the We Are Hunted app. For some editorials about the music world, Spotify suggests downloading the Rolling Stone app. Rather than being downloaded onto your phone, these apps will connect directly to your Spotify account. Regardless of all of the other apps, the central Spotify app is by far the jewel in Spotify’s crown.

While the app functions wonderfully most times, I find that it does have a few glitches. For example, there is some lag time in the syncing between the changes made to Spotify on a computer to a smart phone. Also, the app frequently freezes and requires a phone reboot to play music again. While these may be problems with my phone or the regional Internet service, other users have experienced similar issues.

Regardless of any minor issues the app may have, Spotify is a ‘must-have’ for even the most basic music lover. While it is $10 a month, purchasing songs on iTunes is far more expensive. Try out the app to experience the wonders of Spotify today!

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