Refurbished Computers

by Bea June 13th, 2012 | Computers
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Let’s start from the beginning. Refurbished computers are not the same thing as used computers. They do, however, share some similarities in the sense that the computer is not new, and you can save a lot of money.

By definition, a refurbished computer is purchased through the original manufacturer or an authorized reseller. It has also been tested, repaired, and inspected to make sure that the computer meets the quality standards set forth by the manufacturer. In short, a refurbished computer is supposed to be up to par with a brand new computer, but it will be much cheaper!

There are many ways that a refurbished computer might become refurbished. Let’s say you got a new computer, but were not 100% satisfied with it.  Maybe it was not what you were expecting, or as fast as you were hoping it would be, or perhaps it cannot keep up with your gaming habits. Whatever it was, it caused you to bring the laptop back to where you bought it from. The laptop could still be perfectly decent for someone else, but the store cannot sell it for the full price. When the laptop is tested and certified, it can be sold as refurbished.

So what are the negatives about buying a refurbished computer? The first thing that comes to my mind is the fact that you cannot customize the computer; you have to purchase it as is. That being said, another “negative” aspect is the fact that the computer is not new. If this is not an issue for you, great! However, a lot of times the new computer will come with deals and accessories like a mouse, monitor, keyboard, etc. The refurbished computer will most likely not come with all of the extras, and it will be the simple computer with its power-cord deal. Read the description before you buy the computer and be sure to ask questions.

You can get a refurbished computer just as you would a new computer. A refurbished computer will be relabeled and repriced, so be on the look out for those tags!

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