Rdio: Broaden Music Horizons

by Mackenzie M. June 4th, 2015 | Apps
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music noteNPR Radio declared this week that music subscription services for computers and smart phones are absolutely exploding in popularity this year. While Pandora Radio has a definite monopoly on the American portion of this market, music giants like Spotify are quickly becoming more popular. This week, even Apple announced that it will debut a music subscription service as part of its new line of services. There is one music subscription service and accompanying app that is superior. Known as Rdio, this music subscription service offers a far wider range than just the standard Top 40 selection. Rdio works on a home computer and smart phones for listening virtually everywhere; moreover, for only $10 per month, Rdio provides an incredibly varied music service.

Rdio was developed in 2010 by the developers of Skype to compete with music giants like Pandora Radio and Spotify, and their matching apps. Pandora focuses on Internet radio, while Spotify and Rdio focus on subscriptions to their massive music libraries. At the time of its conception, Pandora was an amazing service that allowed users to select radio stations based on music of their choice. However, these services have evolved into online libraries of millions of songs that can be accessed all the time. Spotify and Rdio are geared toward listening on the go through the service’s app. Spotify’s app can be great for making playlists and carrying your music on the go with the Spotify app, but all of the suggestions on the Spotify home page tend to remain stagnant in the realm of Top 40 songs; however, Rdio provides the same services, but with an emphasis on independent artists. This is a huge draw for fans of indie and alternative bands.

Rdio’s app is the gateway to millions of songs and an equal amount of suggestions for new music. Rdio is somewhat of a music social network in which users create profiles and can view the listening history and suggestions of other friends. Where Spotify emphasized a connection to Facebook, Rdio and its app make sharing music on Rdio’s social network simple and fun. The Rdio app itself is a bright blue and sleek white color. The homepage of the app is Rdio’s own ‘Heavy Rotation’ playlist, which suggests all of the Indie artists that are worth a listen. App users have no problem counting on Rdio for great music recommendations. While there is a Top 40 tab, Rdio really puts value in promoting artists that may otherwise slip past the fans of only Top 40 songs. This makes the app a great way to come into contact with artists that may otherwise remain anonymous.

Rdio and its app are a great and easy way to explore the vast world of music. The app for smart phones with unlimited listening is free for the first month, and only around $10 each month thereafter. Be sure to download the Rdio app on your smart phone today to begin listening and discovering a world of music beyond what the radio plays.

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