QuickSilver Exits Beta, Releases 1.0

by Scott Lindemann March 26th, 2013 | Latest News
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qYesterday, a momentous occasion occurred, as an application fanatically endorsed by Mac devotees graduated to version 1.0, exiting a 10 year beta period.

Quicksilver is an application launcher utility that provides enhanced usability above and beyond that of OS X’s built in Spotlight feature. Working in much the same manner, Quicksilver is activated by either a hot key or by a click of the dock icon. From there, the user can find and perform a bevy of tasks quickly and effortlessly using only a few keystrokes. Plugins allow for more flexibility and expandability to Quicksilver’s repertoire, providing support for a growing list of applications like 1Password, Mail, Contacts (Address Book pre-Mountain Lion), and iTunes.

There are a plethora of guides available for beginners, such as Dan Dickinson’s Quicksilver — A Better OS X In Just 10 Minutes, Nick Santilli’s Quicksilver Changes Everything, and Insert Title’s Quicksilver Video Tutorial v2.0. These guides and more are all linked from Quicksilver’s very own tutorials section of their website.

The changelog for this version of Quicksilver is quite impressive, as it adds 10 new features, fixes over 25 known issues, and boasts greatly improved stability, something the lead developers said makes the application worthy of its 1.0 status.

As someone who has never found interest in Quicksilver due to its seemingly permanent beta status, I’m interested in finally giving it a spin. You can download the newest version of Quicksilver here, and if you’re so inclined, follow the Quicksilver Blog @LoveQuicksilver.

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