Laser Star Projector

by Bea April 24th, 2012 | Gadgets
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Have you ever wanted to see a starry night, but the clouds were not in your favor? Well, now you can make your own room of stars!

The Laser Star Projector projects green laser stars and blue clouds. It makes your room look like a pretty night sky. In fact, it can fill the room, ceiling, and walls with stars and beautiful galaxies. The fun does not stop there of course; you can cover anything you want in star clouds – yes, even your family members. Not only are stars and cloud formations projected, but there will even be an occasional shooting star. The projector displays bright and clear images that could convince you that you are outside looking at the real stars.

The projector is about 10 inches tall, and it has the ability to be adjusted in two different directions. You can pivot the projector 180 degrees horizontally around the base. By doing this, one is able to control the direction of the “stars.”  You can also control the intensity of the blue clouds anywhere from zero to super intense.

How does it work? It is made up of green laser and holographic technology. It uses 2 built-in precision glass lenses and it is 10″ tall x 9″ wide by 7″ deep. That is pretty small for such a gadget that can fill up the space with awesome lights.

From the reviews that I have read, it sounds like the $100+ price tag that I keep seeing is 100% worth it. People seem to think that the gadget is worth every penny that they spent on it, so that is a good sign! I think that it would be a lot of fun to be able to bring the universe with you into your own home. With the Laser Star Projector, you will be able to create starry nights on command! I wonder what they do about the constellations…

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