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by Mackenzie M. December 11th, 2012 | Social Media
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Most who have a smart phone have heard of the ubiquitous photo app, Instagram. Instead of posting pictures to other social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter, users can take photos directly from their phones, and share them with their friends on Instagram. For those who are not familiar with this social networking photo app, Instagram claims that it is a “fast, beautiful, and fun way to share photos with friends and family.”

To use Instagram, simply snap a picture, choose one of the many colorful filters that “transform the look and feel” of the image, and then post it to Instagram. Instagram is much more than just a photo app. It is a way to approach social networking that doesn’t involve witty statuses, ‘like’ pages, or any sort of explanation. Instagram is just a wonderful place for friends and family to exhibit their daily life through photos.

There are many clichés regarding Instagram. Some view it as a place for ‘food porn,’ or monotonous pictures of really delicious food that are posted over and over. Others think Instagram is a place for people snap pictures of themselves, and then post depending on their mood; however, Instagram at its most basic level, is about showing interesting things in your daily life, rather than just writing a little blurb about it. For example, my friends on Instagram often post pictures of beautiful scenery, comic events that occur around the city, or snapshots from vacation. Instagram is about so much more than just snapping pictures of random objects.

Instagram users add friends and can receive ‘likes’ on their pictures. Although solely a mobile phone app, Instagram still falls into the classification of social media. Friends can interact through photos, and users can even see the photos of any user on Instagram. Much like Twitter, friends and fans follow each other through photos of the important things in their day. While it may sound simple or boring at first, Instagram is easily addictive, as the frequent colorful or interesting images draw users in.

Instagram is also completely free from any smart phone, making it easily accessed. To get the greatest experience, Instagram can by synced with Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr, and it can simultaneously upload pictures to all of the sites. In addition, users can link Instagram with the Foursquare locator app to tag the location where the photos were taken.

While Twitter gives users 120 characters to express themselves, and Foursquare allows users to create elaborate profiles, Instagram stays true to the old saying that a picture is worth a thousand words.

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