Google Keep Wins

by Mackenzie M. March 2nd, 2015 | Apps
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google keepThis week, Google threw its hat in the ring to take on note taking giant, Evernote. As a digital note taking service, these apps let you take and stores notes, links, photos, and bookmarks for future browsing. Evernote has yet to face a formidable challenger, but Google Keep has already been showing its competitive edge. Backed by the Google line of amazing apps and technology services, Google Keep is almost a sure success. This app will even sync notes between the PC and the phone, making it easy to keep track of important information. Who will win the battle: Google Keep or Evernote?

Google first advertised Keep as a way to eliminate paper sticky notes and other clutter from your desk, computer, or refrigerator. Google promotes its “digital advantage” to the paper sticky notes, as users can access their reminders on their phones, computers, and just about anywhere they can travel with Internet. Google Keep syncs notes onto Google Drive, which acts as a central hub for notes, documents, photos, and basically any information imaginable. Users and reviewers alike have been praising the app for its straightforward interface and usability.

At the top of the screen is a menu of icons that allows easy creation of text notes, checklists, audio notes, or photo reminders. Photo notes include a spot for text, making the app a must have for those with a bad memory. Perhaps the nicest feature is that the notes are searchable, meaning that using a simple key word or phrase easily retrieves each note. Another great feature transcribes audio notes into text notes, making it much easier to access. Moreover, the app is beautifully colored and organized. The app’s main page can be colorful and attractive, especially when the user posts a lot of photograph memories.

The only down side of Google Keep is that it is not available for Apple products. Apple products, including iPhones, must use either Evernote or Apple Notes. While these apps are huge contenders in the realm of note taking apps, they humble in comparison to Google Keep. Also, the app is only compatible with Android 4.0 devices. Otherwise, users without Androids can use the Webb version of Keep; however, reviewers do not recommend this method, as the app is far less effective and spectacular.

Google Keep is not without faults. One reviewer claimed that the app is like “a baby animal learning how to use its legs.” Basically, the app has all the potential it needs, but it must simply work out all of the kinks that normally accompany the release of a new app. Many users have passed up Google Keep in favor of the veteran, Evernote. The main benefit of Google Keep not featured in Evernote is the ability to effortlessly sync information to all your devices and even to other phone apps. Google Keep is connected to all other Google apps users may have, which makes keeping information organized incredibly easy. For Android 4.0 users, be sure test out this free app for yourself.

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