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by Jessica B. June 28th, 2012 | Apps
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If you are a parent of young children, chances are you have come across a series of apps designed and developed by Duck Duck Moose. Made for the iPhone, iPad and other devices, this group of apps is aimed at a younger audience, and it uses nursery rhymes and basic games to create a fun game for toddlers to older children. I tried out several of the Duck Duck Moose apps, and I will review them here based on age, learning skills, and quality of the app.

Duck Duck Moose apps cost from between 99 cents to 2 dollars, but occasionally you can find them marked down for a limited time.

Most Entertaining App
Old McDonald had a Farm – This app is far and away Duck Duck Moose’s most entertaining. It has a wide variety of screens, and a lot of different actions the child can engage in. To the tune of Old McDonald had a Farm, you can move around sheep, ducks, frogs, and even pigeons. This app feels like the most bang for your buck, since there is so much going on. That said, there are very few learning skills, and it might work best for younger children. Ideal audience 1-4.

Most Educational App
Peek a Zoo – This game is better suited for older kids. There are a variety of questions that require your child to interpret the different drawings. Which animal looks sad? Which animal is listening to music? Which animal is tired? If your child can’t read, you will have to read the questions and play along with them. There isn’t a great deal of variety to this game and a younger child might grow bored quickly. Ideal audience 3-5

Best Game and Interaction
Trucks – This app contains a series of different games that suit different age groups. You can sort garbage and then help the garbage truck pick it up. You can wash cars. You can change flat tires. If your kid loves trucks and cars, this is a must have app. This game has some educational themes, as you have to make choices and manipulate different objects, such as recycle certain products, but I wouldn’t consider it a highly educational game. It is also a great game to help get your child used to using an iPad and moving around items.

Others to Consider
After a while many of the Duck Duck Moose games tend to look alike. But if they are a hit with your children, they might be worth it. Itsy Bitsy Spider and The Wheels on the Bus are very similar to Old Macdonald, but are somewhat shorter. Fish School is also quite educational,  but with a  more alphabet focus.

All in all, Duck Duck Moose makes interesting and somewhat educational games for the under 5 set.

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