Cool Gadgets = Cool You

by Mackenzie M. May 29th, 2012 | Gadgets
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Across a major portion of the United States and Canada this week, temperatures rocketed into the 90’s, making keeping cool difficult and expensive. This is just a taste of the brutally hot summer that is just around the corner. To help save on air conditioning costs and as an alternative to opening the windows, technology companies have released several gadgets that are designed to keep you cool this summer without using a large amount of electricity. No matter how small the gadget, they can keep you up to 25 degrees cooler. Below is a brief list of some of the best gadgets to purchase this summer to stay cool.

The Bedfan. This gadget performs the amazing task of removing heat that gets trapped under bed sheets in the summer. The gadget has an adjustable speed dial and cooling system, and even includes dual-performance fans for optimal cooling. The fan starts at the bottom of the bed, and then blows air up the sides of your body throughout the night. It is incredibly effective at getting rid of excess heat and humidity under the covers. The Bedfan sells for around $70.

Vornado’s Zippi Fan. The Zippi Fan has soft cloth blades that are extremely effective at propelling air, and they are extremely safe to the touch. The electric fan does not require batteries, and it uses very little electricity, making it much more efficient than most normal table fans. The Zippi fan can even be folded and packed, making it wonderful for travelers. The fan is even available in five colors, making it ideal for use in kids bedrooms or anywhere throughout the home. The Zippi Fan sells for around $40.

Windchill Misting Fan. This fan has been proven to dramatically reduce temperatures by up to 25 degrees. It attaches to a regular garden hose and channels water through its four nozzle hub. The hub then creates a refreshing mist that cools instantly. It is also an incredibly effective insect repellant. In fact, this fan was desgined to cool athletes and spectators at the last summer Olympics, and it has now been adapted for home use for the first time. This fan can cool up to 950 square feet, and it is listed for indoor and outdoor use. The wind chill misting fan retails for around $130.

Frozen Drink Makers. Perhaps the most adult gadgets on this list are the frozen drink makers. These gadgets automatically shave ice and blend in flavorings and alcohol for consistent results. For example, the Margaritaville Frozen Concoction Maker features two different motors for ice shaving and ice blending, and it can even be used for making snow cones. Although these machines may be fun and keep you cool, they can cost $300 and up.

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