Console Emulators on iOS

by Scott Lindemann July 17th, 2013 | Latest News
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appsYesterday, ReadWrite reported on an app for iOS that circumvents the iOS App Store, allowing users to download and install a GameBoy Advance emulator onto their devices through a process typically reserved for enterprise users.

The emulator is a project belonging to GitHub user Riley Testut, and actually encompasses more than just a GameBoy Advance emulator — there is a Super Nintendo emulator, a Nintendo 64 emulator, and even a Nintendo DS emulator. The process involves going to Testut’s GitHub site, which redirects to MacBuildServer, which legitimately signs the app once compiled and allows for it to be installed on a user’s device. Once installed, the app directs a user to places where he or she can download and run game ROM images.

The entire process takes less than two minutes to complete, and is scarily easy. Surely Apple can’t be pleased with this sort of circumvention of the App Store, but when actual enterprise users rely on this method to dole out legitimate internal applications, it’s unlikely that much can be done.

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