CEO Marissa Mayer Speaks on Yahoo

by Scott Lindemann October 23rd, 2012 | Latest News
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During Yahoo’s Q3 2012 earnings call, the company’s new CEO, Marissa Mayer, had much to be happy about and even more to say. After its third straight quarter of growth with a reported operating income of $177 million, Mayer says that Yahoo needs to focus on its lack of presence in the mobile space.

Marissa Mayer, from the earnings call:

“Yahoo! hasn’t capitalized on the mobile opportunity. We haven’t effectively optimized our websites, we’ve underinvested in our mobile front-end development and we’ve splintered our brands. We have more than 76 applications across Android and iOS. All of this needs to change. Our top priority is a focused, coherent, mobile strategy. We’re accelerating our efforts to build a strong technical talent base for mobile.”

Do a search on the iOS App Store for Yahoo; I counted 18 separate apps when I searched. Do a search on the iOS App Store for Google; there were 14 separate apps. The thing that sets Google apart from Yahoo is that they don’t have 7 different sports applications. Save for Google Offers and Google Shopper, the purposes of these apps is pretty varied. Yahoo needs to simplify and streamline, and it seems as though Marissa Mayer gets this. I’d imagine that once the efficiency thing is taken care of, they can work on crafting their own niche.

And while they’re at it, maybe do something about that grotesque homepage of theirs, eh?

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