Camera Lenses: Cell Phones

by Jessica B. October 23rd, 2012 | Mobile
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Cell phone cameras have come along way over the last few years. Many of the latest smartphones have cameras that rival regular digital cameras. With a high number of megapixels, a wide variety of filters, constantly improving software, HD, and access to the Internet, it is easy to take quick shots, edit them, and upload them with a few simple screen touches.

And while I find myself using my cell phone more and more for my photography needs, any time there is a special event, I still lug out my giant SLR.

Sure, I can alter my cell phone shots after the fact, zooming in on detail I want and getting the look I am going for with editing tools, but to get good shots you need a good lens, and cell phone camera lenses are nowhere near SLR quality. And they may never be.

BUT there are more and more options on the market these days, and they shouldn’t be dismissed.

Several companies, like Photojojo, now offer tiny magnetic lenses that you can attach to your phone to offer you a little more variety in your shots. There are wide-angle lenses, fish eye lenses, and telephoto lenses, and they are all relatively low priced, especially compared to their SLR competitors (as they should be, since there is still a quality difference here).

You can keep your lenses on a band attached to your phone, or on your key ring, and easily switch them out whenever you need them. While the quality is not 100%, they do offer you a few more ways to document. And while I would never spring for a fish eye lens for my SLR, too expensive for a bunch of silly shots, $20 for a cell phone lens seems a lot more doable.

I probably will till drag my big SLR camera whenever there is a special occasion, but these little lenses really make my cell phone shots a lot more fun and interesting. I find I use the telephoto lens the most, so if you are only going to get one, you might try test driving that one. Otherwise, go for the three lens package, which is a money saver and really fun to play with.

If you enjoy using apps like Instagram, you should check out these lenses to take your photography to the next level.

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