Beauty and the Geek Pants

by Bea February 28th, 2012 | Gadgets
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The easiest way for me to describe these pants is to just come out with it; they are pants with a built in keyboard. What? Yes, that’s right, there is a keyboard built into your lap. If you take a close look at the pants, you can see that the orange stitching actually looks very similar to a printed circuit board, doesn’t it?¬†The pants also come with speakers and a wireless mouse. Best of all, the pants can be linked to your computer by either a bluetooth connection or a cable. The cable option would wrap around your waist like a belt.

Erik de Nijs of Nieuwel Heren’s Beauty and The Geek Pants are supposed to be a combination of fashion technology. I’m kind of confused about the fashion part of the pants. You may look a little awkward if you are sitting at your desk, and you are typing on your pants. You might spend the majority of your time explaining yourself to your colleagues in that situation. Well, I think they will generate stares and require¬†explanations even without you using them.

However, the designer was not completely crazy when he devised these pants. They are designed to be pretty ergonomic as well. They angle of the keyboard has been placed so that the pants would be comfortable to use. As I said before, as ergonomic as the placement is, it still might just make things look odd when you are typing on them. Plus, you would have to be pretty confident to be wearing those around in public.

Needless to say, it is interesting to see that technology is starting to incorporate itself into fashion. It kind of reminds me of those Teletubbies– the ones that incorporated a television/radio into their suit. I have a feeling that we may be seeing clothes that allow you to connect to your smartphone and then the data would be displayed on your sleeve or something. Who knows?

These pants cost around $400. Is that something that you would be willing to invest in? I know my answer!

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