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by Bea February 18th, 2016 | Gadgets
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appleAs Apple starts to hit a plateau with their iPhone, iTouch, and more, they are starting to branch out into other forms of technology, such as car integration or wearable accessories. One of the rumors that has come up over the past few weeks is of an iWatch. According to Bloomberg News, Apple has about 100 people working on a project that involves integration of Apple technology and a watch. The biggest suggestion of this research includes work done on bendable glass. This is being done by the same company that makes the iPhone’s Gorilla Glass. This will allow the watch to be curved, unlike other smart-watch competitors like the Pebble.

No one really knows what the final design will look like, or what features it will have on it. Will it have Apple Maps? Maybe. Could it play music? Yes, probably. What about phone calls? Hmmm, do you really want to be talking to your watch? Perhaps it could, but it would need integration between a headset and the device.

Wearable technology is not a foreign concept. Google Glasses are going to come out soon, and there are already some designs out there that would rival the iWatch. Some people have even created straps to turn Apple Nanos into watches. The Pebble watch has been for sale for some time now, and it passes alerts from a smartphone to the watch. This is done via Bluetooth. The I’m Watch uses the same idea. It is about $400, and it runs on the Droid 2 operating system. It connects to Android smartphones using Bluetooth. Most smart watch technology is centered around treating the watch as an accessory and connecting it to your smartphone via Bluetooth.

Wearable technology is definitely something that we are going to see more of in the near future. As the sensors get cheaper to make and the batteries start to last longer, the accessories are going to get smarter too.

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