Apple Quietly Updates iPod Touch

by Scott Lindemann May 31st, 2013 | Latest News
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appleYesterday, after announcing that it had sold over 100 million iPod touch units since the device’s launch, Apple quietly released an update to their iPod touch lineup.

Doing away with the 4th Generation iPod touch, Apple replaced the entry-level model with a new 5th Generation model, sans rear camera and loop attachment. The stripped down model comes only in silver, and in a 16GB capacity, but is a clever replacement for the old 4th Generation.

Think about it — many younger folks who purchase the iPod touch (or have it purchased for them) do so for its games, so this provides not only a new option with more powerful hardware, but also an added incentive to purchase the 32GB if they’re really looking for a camera as well.

Many are confused as to why Apple would do away with the rear facing camera in the 16GB model, but if you look at usage patterns, it’s pretty obvious. There’s just simply not enough space on the device to accommodate both apps and photos, especially when users are prone to never removing photos from their camera rolls.

The new update to the iPod touch lineup also hints at the idea that perhaps the newer version of iOS will not run on the 4th Generation iPod touch hardware. I suppose we’ll know more come Monday, June 10th, when Apple kicks off its annual Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco.

The new 5th Generation iPod touch is available for purchase online and in stores now.

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