An Excellent Combination

by Michele January 23rd, 2008 | Cell Phones
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It’s a difficult decision for cell phone users:  do you want a larger display screen for reading or doing a music search?  or a smaller phone for carrying purposes?  With Polymer Vision’s new Readius you will no longer need to make this decision.

The Readius is an e-reader and cell phone in one package.  The display measures 5 inches diagonally, making it the largest cell phone display available.  However, when you close the display the phone is the size of an average cell phone.  “The exclusive device exploits the versatility of rollable displays to merge the ‘reading friendly’ strengths of e-readers with the ‘high mobility’ features of mobile phones.”

Other features of the Readius are:

  • 1/3 the average weight of e-readers
  • 30 hours of continuous reading

The Readius will be available for commercial launch by the middle of 2008.

To read more about Polymer Vision’s Readius, visit:

Readius® commercial product brings e-reading comfort to mobile phones using rollable displays

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