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Megaupload Shutdown: The Effect on Piracy

by Scott Lindemann March 11th, 2015
Rumors Good news for the film and television industry this week. A recent study by Wellesley College Assistant Professor of Economics, Brett Danaher, and Professor Michael D. Smith of Carnegie Mellon University, seems to imply that the closure of Megaupload's file locker service led directly to a marked increase in movie
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Best Protection for the iPhone 5

by Mackenzie M. March 10th, 2015
The iPhone 5 is an expensive phone that needs a lot of protection to keep it looking immaculate. It is not unheard of to lightly drop the iPhone and have the screen or backside completely shatter. In order to
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by Bea March 9th, 2015
Have you ever experienced a moment and thought, "oh wow, I wish I had gotten that on film?" The Memoto
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1Password: A Password Manager for All

by Scott Lindemann March 1st, 2015
With vulnerabilities and malicious hackers making the headlines recently, I thought it might be a good idea to talk passwords. Passwords are that necessary evil we haven't yet found a decent replacement for. Near-field communication systems that take advantage of a user's proximity, or even fingerprint scanners are technologies Read More

Google Keep Wins

by Mackenzie M. March 2nd, 2015
This week, Google threw its hat in the ring to take on note taking giant, Evernote. As a digital note taking service, these apps let you take and stores notes, links, photos, and bookmarks for future browsing. Evernote has yet to face a formidable challenger, but Google Keep has already been showing its competitive edge. Backed by the Google line of amazing apps and
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