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John Siracusa’s OS X 10.10 Yosemite Review

by Scott Lindemann October 24th, 2014
Latest News For over thirteen years and eleven releases, John Siracusa (@siracusa) has been writing incredibly detailed reviews of Apple's desktop operating system. His most recent review weighs in
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Adding Invisible Home Screen Icons

by Scott Lindemann October 23rd, 2014
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I came across this neat trick courtesy of David Smith (@_DavidSmith).

If you're the proud owner of a brand-new iPhone 6 or an iPhone 6 Plus you might have a bit of a conundrum on your hands
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iFixit’s Mac Mini Teardown Shows Big Changes

by Scott Lindemann October 22nd, 2014
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The Mac mini used to be one of the more highly preferred Mac computers among geeks, mainly for its ease
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Net Neutrality, Internet Fast-Lanes, and the Like

by Scott Lindemann October 20th, 2014
The battle for internet regulations and freedom is far from over, and both sides of the net neutrality camp are continually at odds. On the one hand, we have the service providers like Comcast, Verizon, AT&T, and Time Warner, who seek to divvy up internet access by forcing tiered Read More

Apple Releases iOS 8.1 with Apple Pay and More

by Scott Lindemann October 21st, 2014
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Just as Apple promised at the company's iPad and Mac event last week, iOS 8.1 is available as an over the air (OTA) download, and is also available for update via iTunes. The update brings the much anticipated Apple Pay function for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus devices, as well as support for the iCloud Photo Library, SMS relay, instant hotspot, and many
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