Best Phones for Poor Eyesight

by Lori Sciame July 1st, 2015
Not everyone is blessed with excellent vision.  No matter the cause, be it genetics or age, there are thousands of individuals who have trouble seeing the screen on a cell phone.  The good news is that cell phone companies do have phones that those with low vision can use
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Senior Citizen Phones

by Jessica B. June 25th, 2015
These days cell phones are getting smarter and more advanced, but they are also more demanding of a sophisticated user who understands multiple functions and how to use them. They are also more expensive, with extensive data packages, complex payment plans and other trappings. For senior cell phone users, who use their cell phones only in cases of emergency or to keep in touch with family and caretakers, the smart phone can be over kill. But what are the
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Dangers of Twitter

by Mackenzie M. June 17th, 2015
This week, I began to face a very common social media dilemma due to starting a new full-time job and distancing myself from the days of college. After whipping my LinkedIn into shape, and trimming the edges of my Facebook profile, it came time to address Twitter. For many college-aged (and increasingly younger) users, Twitter can be used as a forum to vent frustrations and even sometimes highlight inappropriate events that happen throughout the day. However, Twitter should be
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  • FB Adds Hashtags: Does It Matter?

    by Scott Lindemann June 5th, 2015
    Earlier this month, Facebook announced its plans to roll out hashtag support on its social network in an effort to promote real-time conversations among its users. Though Twitter was not the inventor of the phenomenon, it has benefitted greatly from a feature many users consider and indispensable part of the service.

    Hashtags originated as a way to organize and categorize topics of conversation, ideas, or current events into a searchable
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  • Rdio: Broaden Music Horizons

    by Mackenzie M. June 4th, 2015
    NPR Radio declared this week that music subscription services for computers and smart phones are absolutely exploding in popularity this year. While Pandora Radio has a definite monopoly on the American portion of this market, music giants like Spotify are quickly becoming more popular. This week, even Apple announced that it will debut a music subscription service as part of its new line of services. There is one music
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  • The Topic of the NSA and Surveillance

    by Scott Lindemann June 3rd, 2015
    The past week or so has been an interesting one in the realm of the Internet, online identity, privacy, and security. After news broke that the NSA was siphoning metadata from Verizon phone calls, it was quickly discovered that AT&T and Sprint were also complicit in this gross violation of user privacy. Shortly thereafter, The Guardian dropped a bombshell in what could potentially be the biggest confidentiality leak
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