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A Comparison of Smartwatches

by Scott Lindemann September 22nd, 2014
Technology Featured Now that Apple has announced their entry into the thus-far underwhelming smartwatch category, how does the competition stack up? We're going to take a look at the current top-of-the-crop lineup
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Apple Pulls Health Apps from Store Due to Bug

by Scott Lindemann September 19th, 2014
Latest News
Users eager to get their hands on the latest apps designed for use with Apple's Health app will need to wait a little bit longer.

Due to a bug in HealthKit, Apple has pulled several apps from the App Store
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Apple TV Updated With Beats Music Channel

by Scott Lindemann September 18th, 2014
Latest News
Along with iOS 8 yesterday, Apple also updated their Apple TV software, bringing with it a new coat of
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Comcast, Net Neutrality, and Need for Competition

by Scott Lindemann September 15th, 2014
Cyber Culture
As the home of Comcast Corporation, Philadelphia ought to have excellent internet infrastructure and some of the fastest speeds imaginable. As it turns out, Comcast doesn't give much of a care, even when it comes to the company's own back yard. Indeed, the Comcast Center stands as the Read More

iOS 8 is Available Today

by Scott Lindemann September 17th, 2014
Latest News
At the end of what might just be one of the most anticipated run-ups to a mobile OS release ever, Apple's next-generation mobile operating system, iOS 8 is to be released today. The update will be available to users with iPhone devices dating back to the iPhone 4S, iPad users dating back to the iPad 2, and iPod touch users dating back to the iPod
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