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Favorite Book Apps

by Jessica B. December 5th, 2014
Computing I am an avid reader and I love books. Despite having a tablet and a smartphone, I still prefer reading a nice paperback book to reading on a screen, and I have not gotten a Kindle or Nook for that reason. That doesn't mean that I don't enjoy a
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How to Install Windows 10 in Parallels Desktop 10

by Scott Lindemann December 4th, 2014
How To
Those intrepid Mac users looking to get a taste of Microsoft's next-generation operating system, Windows 10, are in luck. Without the need for purchasing PC hardware, those willing can simply use Parallels Desktop to do the deed,
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MiFlight App Makes Traveling Easier

by Jessica B. December 3rd, 2014
I travel a lot and most of the time when I travel I have small kids with me. This
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The Hope That Internet Video Will Kill Cable TV

by Scott Lindemann December 2nd, 2014
Cyber Culture
It's been an honest to God battle, trying to get the TV networks on board with the same distribution model as the record companies. We don't want to pay through the nose, month after month, for 500 channels we don't want and 3 that we do. We want to Read More

Bubl ABC App Review

by Jessica B. December 1st, 2014
As the mom of two young kids, I’m constantly on the lookout for new apps for my tablet and phone that are both educational and entertaining – a combination that is surprisingly difficult to find. I also look for apps that would be suitable on an airplane, as we travel a lot, and that are age appropriate. Recently I was given the opportunity to
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