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Facebook Phone: Rumor or Reality

by Mackenzie M. April 5th, 2015
Mobile This week, several articles have popped up in technology blogs around the Internet claiming that the elusive Facebook phone is finally set for debut. Rumors of a Facebook phone have been floating around the Internet for years, but have never come to fruition. However, according to a leak from
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Smartphone Gadgets

by Bea April 4th, 2015
One of my friends from Japan recently exposed me to a few interesting gadgets that are designed to make smartphones even more fun. None of these fun little toys are necessary, but hey, is a smartphone really that necessary?

The first
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Snapchat Exposed

by Mackenzie M. April 3rd, 2015
Although I am apparently a little late to the game, I downloaded the Snapchat app for the first time
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Reeder for iOS Updated, Instapaper Sold

by Scott Lindemann April 2nd, 2015
We're a little more than two months away from the planned shut down of Google Reader, and many of us (including yours truly) have yet to find a true replacement. The announcement that Google would be shuttering its RSS Reader service came during the Mountain View company's (nearly) Read More

Keep LinkedIn Professional and Active

by Mackenzie M. April 1st, 2015
Social Media
I have written about the importance of using the social networking site LinkedIn for networking; however, unlike Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn is not intuitive to use. The layout is clunky, and finding people you know can be a major challenge. Although LinkedIn is used by over 175 million around the world, many are not active on the site due the trouble of creating and
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