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iOS 8 Jailbreak Comes with Cydia Installer

by Scott Lindemann October 31st, 2014
Latest News The jailbreaking scene has been hard at work looking for exploits in Apple's latest mobile operating system. A Chinese team by the name Pangu (@PanguTeam) found an exploit recently, and released a jailbreak solution as a utility for Windows. At the time, the tool did not include installation
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Tim Cook Pens Essay On Equality, Comes Out As Gay

by Scott Lindemann October 30th, 2014
Latest News
In a piece published in Bloomberg Businessweek, Apple CEO Tim Cook has for the first time publicly discussed his sexual orientation. Cook's article details the importance of equality and the steps both he and Apple are taking to ensure
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Is This Office for Mac 2016?

by Scott Lindemann October 29th, 2014
Latest News
Productivity buffs have been waiting a long time for Microsoft's update to their Mac line of office apps. The
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The Hope That Internet Video Will Kill Cable TV

by Scott Lindemann October 27th, 2014
Cyber Culture
It's been an honest to God battle, trying to get the TV networks on board with the same distribution model as the record companies. We don't want to pay through the nose, month after month, for 500 channels we don't want and 3 that we do. We want to Read More

Bubl ABC App Review

by Jessica B. October 28th, 2014
As the mom of two young kids, I’m constantly on the lookout for new apps for my tablet and phone that are both educational and entertaining – a combination that is surprisingly difficult to find. I also look for apps that would be suitable on an airplane, as we travel a lot, and that are age appropriate. Recently I was given the opportunity to
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