Teens Leaving Facebook – Does it Matter?

by Jessica B. February 11th, 2016
Facebook has over 700 million active users every single day, so they shouldn’t be too concerned about the latest studies that show teen users are losing interest for the website. Even so, it remains to be seen if a site like Facebook can have long-term staying power while other
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Dark Sky for iOS

by Scott Lindemann February 4th, 2016
With the amount of crazy weather we've been receiving in the New England area this past month, it's about time we got some good news with regards to mother nature. It's a mixed bag, though. We're not talking about a break in the bitter cold — we're talking about a huge update to an already incredible weather application.

The local forecasting, radar, and storm alert app Dark Sky was updated this week, bringing with it a complete visual rewrite
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Vine: Scandal or Revolutionary?

by Mackenzie M. January 28th, 2016
On January 24, 2013, Twitter made national news when it released its brand new video sharing app, Vine. While users can already type a 140 character blurb about their life and share pictures of it on Instagram, users could not share video in the same way. Twitter has been thinking about this for a while, however.

Vine is different than other video sharing apps out there. It lets you shoot multiple short cuts to make one single, six second video.
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  • Possible Information on New Nintendo Hardware?

    by Scott Lindemann January 21st, 2016
    Since we're on the topic of the Big N, I figure it might be a good idea to pass along this little bit of speculation...

    Nintendo News has it on good authority that Nintendo is already hard at work on their next-generation hardware. Apart from the obviousness of such a claim (I'd be worried if they weren't working on new hardware), there's a bit of intrigue thrown in for
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  • Netflix, Adult Swim, & Cartoon Network Shows

    by Scott Lindemann January 14th, 2016
    After a bit of a struggle to gain new content, Netflix is beginning to pick up steam. The latest announcement from the streaming media company is the inking of a new deal with Time Warner to carry their Cartoon Network and Adult Swim properties. Along with those two big names, Netflix also gained the rights to Warner Bros. Animation and the soap opera, Dallas. Weird, right?

    As strange
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  • The Growing Importance of LinkedIn

    by Jessica B. January 7th, 2016
    Although it is not a new form of social media, LinkedIn is becoming an important player in social media and a valuable tool for industry, job seekers and employers. Here are a few tips for optimizing your LinkedIn account to make it work for you.

    1) Refine your profile – All sorts of companies recruit via LinkedIn, or scout new contractors. Make sure that you keep your profile up-to-date and
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